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Meet Our Staff

Heath Kirkpatrick

We are passionate about God's Word at Woodland! Pastor Heath lives to communicate and connect people to the truths in the bible.  One of his favorites sayings is this, "I'm not a salesman for Jesus, just a satisfied customer!"  His energetic and animated style enables people of all ages to understand the message.  Someone once said, "I actually understood your whole message, wow, you're like the bible for dummies preacher."  If you're searching for spiritual truth you can apply and a church that lovingly proclaims the truth without compromise, then you will be refreshed by your visit with us.      

Bruce Medley

Bruce Medley serves as our executive pastor. God has gifted Bruce with the tremendous ability to team build, coordinate, and project manage.  He serves the people of Woodland with a "do whatever it takes mentality" to minister to our community.  He loves to have fun and enjoys teaching and equipping others.  We are blessed to have Bruce and his overalls working on our team!      

Zach Lee

Zach serves as worship pastor and passionately leads and inspires others to worship.  Zach leads music with many different styles, but worship has nothing to do with style and everything to do with substance.  The songs we offer to God reflect His holy attributes and enables us to experience His presence.  At Woodland you will have the freedom to express your love to God through lifting your voice and raising your hands in praise.  Come prepared to be moved into God's presence!          


Kameron Richter

Kameron serves as our Children's Pastor.  He is "wired" for reaching and teaching kids about Jesus. His energy and enthusiasm are unmatched when it comes to the ministry vision.  Woodland Kids seeks to plant the seeds of God's Word into their lives to nuture and grow as God gives the increase.  The leadership that Kameron lives out inspires others to invest in our children.  High energy and "higher" education are in store for your kids at Woodland! 

Chris Head

Chris Head serves as our youth pastor at Woodland.  Chris is a hard working employee, devoted family man, outdoorsman, and a humble servant of God who is passionate about reaching our youth.  He and his wife Misty make a dynamic duo in ministry thru teaching, special events, and retreats.  Chris and Misty selflessly serve alongside other adults to prepare the next generation of Christian leaders.  We are so grateful to have him and his family on this spiritual adventure with us!     

Zed Davenport

Zed has been serving the Lord at Woodland since the mid 70's.  He is a dedicated deacon, sunday school teacher, bus driver, and one of the most genuine persons you'll ever meet.  It's godly men like Zed that make Woodland a Spirit-filled place that you will want to call home!