Rob Willis

Executive Director

Rob grew up between Missouri and Arkansas. He was born into a family with a long history of addiction. His childhood was riddled with neglect and abuse of all kinds. He began drinking alcohol at eight years old. Alcohol progressed into marijuana and pills in his early adolescence. Pills progressed headlong into a methamphetamine addiction by his early twenties.

Rob spent his entire twenties either in jail, five different treatment centers, and eventually homeless, living under a bridge in Missouri. All the while, Jesus was reaching out to him. He would sober up for periods of time and run to church. He'd cry off some guilt at the altar and ask God to change his circumstances. Shortly after, he'd be drunk or high and headed back to jail. Even though Rob grew up in complete chaos, he had always heard about Jesus and had spent a few of his early years in Christian school. He knew "about" Jesus at this point, but he did not know Him personally.

Rob married his wife, Erin, in 2008 and with the support of her and her family, he was able to stay sober for a while, but eventually relapsed. In 2010, his marriage was in shambles, he'd been drunk or high for months on end, and he decided the only way out was suicide. Praise be to God that at the very moment Satan had almost won, Rob begged Jesus to help him believe and He intervened in a very real way.

Rob has been clean and sober since that moment in 2010. God restored his marriage, called him to preach the gospel, and blessed him with a beautiful baby girl. Rob was ordained as a pastor in 2015. His life's mission is to tell people like himself that there is a way out of sin and addiction. His name is Jesus! Rob's goal at the Woodshed is to help men discover that all addiction begins with a heart problem.

The Woodshed isn't designed to help men get back all the things they have lost in their addiction. It is designed to help them find the one thing they never truly had, a real relationship with their Creator. Addiction is a spiritual battle, and the only answer is Jesus!

Roy Shatwell

Residence Manager

Roy grew up between Arkansas, Missouri, and California. Like his youngest brother Rob, Roy  was born into a family plagued by addiction. Roy began drinking alcohol at age 13 and experienced his first overdose shortly after. His first arrest came at age 15. By age 24, he was introduced to diet pills which soon after turned into methamphetamine. After breaking his neck in an accident, he turned to pain pills.

For Roy, life was an endless cycle of drugs, alcohol, arrests, hospitalizations, and homelessness. All the while, when Roy was sober and clear minded, he knew that Jesus was reaching out to him and had a calling on his life. Roy graduated a local recovery program and spent four years working on staff there ministering to the other men in the program. After that, he spent 14 months at The Other Side Ministry in Heber Springs participating in the program and working as a staff member.

He has been trained and mentored by the amazing team from The Other Side and WeCan ministries. Roy’s heart is discipleship, spending time one on one with each man, and pouring into them with God’s word. His kind and compassionate heart, passion for the gospel, and his desire to build up and encourage broken men will be a tremendous asset to The Woodshed ministry and to the kingdom of God!
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