New Series

Compassion Journey Weekend

April 28th - April 30th

The reality that most of us live our lives in sharp contrast to how others in our world live theirs can be a challenging idea for us to grasp. Even more challenging is sharing this contrast with our children. The Compassion Journey experience connects visitors to some of the realities for children growing up in extreme poverty. What do they eat? What do they fear? What do they dream about? What are their prayers? This experience will help families create conversations that help educate and can ignite compassion for the least of these. It’s a chance to see life from a completely different perspective.

The Compassion Journey is an audio-guided trip through six learning stations that share with visitors the environments and some of the unique challenges that face those growing up under the weight of extreme poverty. It also provides a chance to reflect and share in short break-out style conversations about what each one in your group is taking in. This event allows visitors to dive a bit deeper into topics of global hunger, living environments and the conditions children in poverty face every day. It is our hope that this experience will play a role in challenging us all to become more aware of the challenges that exist for children growing up on less than $2/day. The event is free and appropriate for all ages.
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